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Sekisuiheim Super Arena ☆ Day 2!!!
12 July 2013. 12:30

Day 2 at Sendai was a Tanabata live ☆

It was a wonderful live overflowing with sparkling smiles from everyone!

We’ve felt it since Day 1, the together-ness of the Sendai audience was really amazing!

Especially before show start, and then during the ayu call after the main show. It was as if you guys had rehearsed your cheering beforehand (laugh)

Everyone breathed as one, and it was really a pleasant surprise!!! (≧∇≦)

And so, let’s hurry and show off the commemorative photos of the memories of the energetic fans who took part in Sekisuiheim Super Arena ☆ Day 2 with a DODO-N! (^_^)/

As it was Tanabata, there were some fans who came in their yukata too ♪ (*^_^)b

We could really feel the beginning of summer.

Thank you to everyone for cooperating with our photographers!

Finally, the short summer is starting!!!

The 15th Anniversary memorial live is left with 6 shows, so let’s enjoy ourselves to the max without any regrets! o(^▽^)o