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Ayu’s Deji Deji Diary Vol. 153 June

Right page top: Everyone, how have you been—?! It’s been getting warmer, so everyone should be happy, right? I’m right smack in the middle of touring now. The title of the tour is “ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR A BEST LIVE”. Please please come and play~!! Don’t miss it!

Right page middle: On my way to a friend’s house to play~. Everyone was making weird faces in the car~. Or rather, I did… After that, I spent the rest of the ride quietly drinking my water…

Right page bottom: Maybe it’s because it’s spring, but I sleep a lot. (lol) Most of the photos Nacchan takes of me are sleeping shots.

Left page top: We often have lunch here everyday. It’s a really cute restaurant, and coming here always makes me see things in a happy light!

Left page bottom: Boo-chan (aka Nacchan) wanted to go to the supermarket, so we tagged along and she bought me these bunny ears! I bought hummus~ Timmy bought make-up~ Boo bought chocolate, as usual (lol)