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Hamasaki Ayumi refers to accident during concert
16 May 2013. 11:30

Artist Hamasaki Ayumi made a brief mention of an accident which occured on the 15th, during one of her tour shows for “ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR ~A BEST LIVE~” at Osaka Jou Hall.

According to fans who were present, Hamasaki received a heavy blow to the knee due to machinery problems. After the accident, she continued the show wearing a knee guard for support, and managed to successfully close off the 2.5hr long show.

After the performance, Hamasaki answered to fans’ concerns on Twitter with tweet “Erm, a note about the accident during today’s show. I wasn’t in pain or scared at all, so don’t worry about any injuries, and please wait for me tomorrow ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♪ OK? Everyone”

A representative from ayu’s company also commented on Twitter that “We apologize for all the worry we had caused to everyone due to one part of today’s show at Osaka Jou Hall. We have fixed the problem, and the troupe, with troupe leader at our helm, is all ready for tomorrow’s show! Let’s get high for Osaka Day 2 too!!”

This tour celebrating her 15th debut Anniversary was created from Hamasaki’s personal wish to “choose songs together with everyone who has supported me thus far”, and the top 50 tracks voted by fans were used to create the setlist. The tour will perform 28 shows in 14 locations, ending at Tokyo’s National Yoyogi First Gymnasium on 28 July.