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Ayumi Hamasaki FAIRY & AIRY WHITE
Hamasaki Ayumi, embraced in white.

AYU, who will be celebrating her 15th debut anniversary on 8 April, has once again chosen to go for a brand new feel this issue – white. Without any decoration, unstained by anything. As if linked to such feelings of whiteness, she bares her honest heart to JELLY readers.



It’s back, the return of the sneaker obsession after a long while ❤

Why did you choose “white” as your theme this time round?
“I’ve had a black, rock and strong style all through fall and winter, so this is probably a reaction against that, like a wish to go gentle and fluffy. And then, my 15th Anniversary is starting too, so I wish to start off with brand new feelings and a pure white self—. That’s my mood now.”

So what’s the latest news on this pure white AYU?
“I’ve gotten a new family member. A 3-month old chihuahua. It’s a boy but I’ve named him CREA (laugh). He really heals my soul everyday.”

How about your life as a fashion leader? Any items that you’ve been obsessed with lately?
“Whenever I go to L.A., I’ll definitely buy my usual Louboutins and Manolos, but when I went this January, I bought nothing but sneakers. After so long, I’m caught up in a sneaker obsession once again ♪ All the ones I bought have wedge heels though, and I love those from Isabel Marant. The collab ones between Adidas and MIHARAYASUHIRO, and the Chloé ones, they’re all so cute. The wedge heel ones go great with leather skinny jeans or demin shorts, so I’ll probably be keeping this fashion all through spring ❤”


No matter what happens, it’s alright. When you feel like you’re going under, I’ll grab onto your hand.

What do AYU’s friends and colleagues think of the new album “LOVE again”?
“The song which received most support from my friends is “Missing”. In the past, we used to be able to honestly speak out when we want to see someone, but now, the need to put up a strong front and pride gets in the way… The lyrics were miraculously popular amongst my female and gay friends (laugh). There were also many who loved “Wake me up”. There’s a line in the second chorus, “anata mo yo”, that I whispered, which seems to have caught on with them, and they have been mimicking that line lots lately. Like when that part of the song comes on, everyone will turn to look at me and whisper “anata mo yo” in my direction (laugh).”

That’s a fun game (laugh).
“Please spread it around JELLY too (laugh). By the way, when all the tracks were uploaded onto youtube, “SAKURA” was by far the most popular song. That song was written after a night of chatting at my friend’s restaurant of the same name. So actually, the song is pronounced not like “sakura” the flower, but more like a name, like “Sakura-chan”.”
(Misa’s note: Stresses are on different syllables when saying “sakura”, depending on whether one is referring to the flower or to a person)

I see! So I’ve been reading it wrong!
“I’m sure you’re not the only one. (laugh)”

The year-end Countdown Live was awesome, so there must be lots of people who are looking forward to this year’s tour. What will it be like?
“The setlist for this year’s tour will be determined by popular voting through the fanclub. As a repayment to their kindness, I’m also accepting song requests, as well as suggestions of how to perform them… I’m leaving it all open to the fans.”

I’m sure many will be surprised that someone like AYU will do such a thing!
“Of course that’s something to look forward to as well ♪”

Lastly, please send out a message to JELLY readers who will be dashing through their own 15th Anniversaries!
For this Countdown Live, I felt that I needed to get rid of any negative feelings and calm the audience down first, before I can get everyone to enjoy the show. I was the one who caused such feelings in the first place, so I had to be the one to sweep them away. That occupied my mind, and I couldn’t think of anything else. However, I guess I was swept away by the New Year mood, and I said this. “Lots of incidents have occurred, which have brought worry and confusion to everyone. However, after thinking about things, I feel that a perfect Hamasaki Ayumi without any scandals is just boring, so I will live more scandalously next year”. It was totally unplanned, and it all just came out of my mouth (laugh)”.

What was everyone’s reaction to that?
“In a moment, the expressions of the troupe and all the staff members brightened up, as if a load had been lifted off their chests, and the atmosphere returned to normal. And then, everyone laughed and clapped, as if cheering (laugh). That moment was a confirmation that this year’s Countdown Live had become something amazing! Moreover, I also felt that I had no regrets, and that of course came after much personal reflection. So much has happened, but I’m here now, without giving up on anything, without any regrets. I hope to continue on like this, reflecting and learning while progressing onwards. “I’ve always wanted to do this, but what would happen if I really did it?” As I dwell on such thoughts, time just keeps moving on, and I feel that that’s the most frightening thing. In the end, things may turn painful, and I may question my decisions, but right now, I’m here smiling. I have everyone saying “welcome back”, so I’ll be alright. Let’s continue soaring! To everyone reading JELLY, I want to say this “No matter what happens, it’s alright, because I’ll grab onto your hand should you go under—” That’s how I feel.”


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