This round of ticket lottery is limited to members who joined (paid for) the fanclub before 4 Feb (Mon) 23:59.
The password for logging into the lottery site is your TeamAyu password as of 31 Jan (Thu).

※Those who joined between 28 Jan (Mon)~4 Feb (Mon) can enter the lottery from 8 Feb (Fri) 00:00 onwards.
※The password for logging into the lottery site for those who joined between 28 Jan (Mon)~4 Feb (Mon) is the password as of 7 Feb (Thu).

Please read the notes below.

*Some seats sold during this lottery may have an obstructed view.
*The ease of viewing the show differs from person to person.
*Inquiries sent via mail will not be answered.
*All information is to be distributed via e-mail or through the fanclub site.
*Although priority will be given to A-Course members, note that not all who take part in the lottery will have a chance to win.
*The fanclub will not answer inquiries about seating. No refund or claims can be made after purchase.
*Lottery is not based on a first-come-first-served basis.

ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR ~A BEST LIVE~
⇒ Tour Schedule here!



All seats 8,500yen

*In addition to the ticket price, 600yen will be charged per ticket as handling fee. Those who choose to receive their tickets through mail will be charged another 600yen as delivery fee.
*All above 3 years old need a ticket for entrance.
*Special child seats are available for those who come with children below 3 years old, but there will be an extra charge.
*You can enter the lottery multiple times during the open period.
– If you made a mistake during the first submission, please resubmit your entry again.
– The entry taken into consideration will be the latest submission. All previous submissions will be cancelled.
– Note that once you have submitted an entry, there is no way of cancelling it.



Each member can purchase up to 4 tickets per show.

*You can apply for the same show more than once to get more tickets.



■Open Period
1 Feb (Fri) 18:00 ~ 12 Feb (Tue) 13:00
■Confirmation Period
Time of submission ~ 12 Feb (Tue) 13:00
■Results & Payment Period
16 Feb (Sat) 15:00 ~ 21 Feb (Thu) 23:30

■Ticket Retrieval Period

(For those who selected the [Payment/Collection at 7/11] option)
April shows: from 25 March (Mon) 13:00 onwards
May shows: from 12 April (Fri) 13:00 onwards
June shows: from 10 May (Fri) 13:00 onwards
July shows: from 14 June (Fri) 13:00 onwards

(For those who selected the delivery option)
Tickets will be sent out via Yuu mail by the following dates.
April shows: 25 March (Mon)
May shows: 12 April (Fri)
June shows: 10 May (Fri)
July shows: 14 June (Fri)


To enter the lottery for tickets, and for more details about the tour schedule and lottery, check out this site!