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Ayu’s Deji Deji Diary Vol. 145 October

This month’s Deji Deji Diary is a special version!!!!
It’s about the making of “Ayu HEART NAIL BOOK”,
finally released this month!!
Full of precious off-shots from the photoshoot.
Do check it out!!!

Ayu in different poses for the various scenes. Each set, make-up, and hairstyle is totally unique to match with the mood of the heart nail designs. Heart nails are not limited to cute designs, but also have many other types, perfect for Ayu!!!

With a change in costume, the photoshoot mood changes as well. A smile for POP cute heart nails! A super sexy expression for chic adult heart nails! etc… Get the book for more details on these nails.


Careful scrutiny throughout the photoshoot. Taking in stride the hard schedule of 30 different shots in a day and the huge amount of trouble taken, Ayu herself plays a large role with her perfect direction!!

Even the shots which feature only the hand are modelled by Ayu herself!! Ayu’s passion can be discerned from her comment, “It’s my nail book, so having someone else’s hand inside is a little strange, right?”

To add a personal and realistic touch to the photoshoot, Ayu’s various personal belongings also make an appearance. The familiar Pino, Papiko, as well as Choco and Cocoa from the “Ayu FAMILY” also take part in the shoot! Everyone gets to try a kiss scene with Ayu, but look forward to finding out who made the cut and appeared in the book itself!