Hamasaki Ayumi 2012 SUMMER goods will go on sale at mu-mo shop from 3 August 19:00 onwards!
This summer will be about 5-multicolor leopardprint!
A show of items perfect for summer ♪


If you purchase the 2012 SUMMER GOODS from mu-mo shop now, you’ll get an original “ayupan screensaver” as a present!!
Just access the URL provided in the “Order Delivered” e-mail to get your screensaver ♪
Decorate your phone with this cute image!


BALITOWEL (Pink / Emerald Green)
One of ayu’s personal favorite items this summer, the BALITOWEL!
Good for many different uses, she wished all the fans to have this towel as well, and so this collaboration was born ☆
The towels are available in original Hamasaki Ayumi colors!
One side is BALI material, while the other side is towel material, so it can be used on both sides for different functions!
As a beach towel, the non-stick BALI side will not stick up any sand when placed facedown on the beach, so it becomes a comfortable beach spread!
The big size allows it to be used as a spread over couches and on car seats too ♪
An easy-to-use fashionable BALITOWEL!
Price: ¥7,500

Sports Towel (Pink / Blue)
The 2012 SUMMER sports towel is of a 5-multicolor leopardprint design on a refreshing white background!
The towel comes with a leopardprint vinyl bag ☆
Price: ¥2,500

A-Line Tank Top (Lady’s S/M) Tank Top (Men’s M/L)
A neon leopardprint A-line tank top that will surely be on heavy rotation this summer!
Price: ¥3,200

*Lady’s worn on a size 9 model.
*Men’s size M on a model with 91cm bust.

Keyholder (Neon Pink / Neon Yellow)
A neon pink/yellow star plate with an orange/pink summerish mesh pompom keyholder!
Comes with extra parts to convert it into a phone strap.
Price: ¥1,800

iPhone Body Sticker (Neon Pink / Neon Yellow)
An acrylic body sticker for the iPhone 4s/4, made in neon pink/yellow!!
Most body stickers are made of sticker material, but this rare one is made from acrylic material!
It sticks firmly onto your phone, and when the sticker side becomes dirty, washing with water makes it good as new again ☆
Made of a special air-catching material to make it easily detachable and resilient, this body sticker can be the newest addition to your mobile accessories!
Price: ¥1,600

The sunshade has made a comeback to Hamasaki Ayumi goods, since 2007 summer ☆
To everyone who has been troubled by their tattered old sunshade, thank you for waiting!!
This year’s shade comes in a 5-multicolor leopardprint design.
Comes with a neon yellow pouch ♪
Price: ¥2,200

ayupan x HelloKitty Mirror
ayupan and Kitty-chan’s collab mirror for 2012 SUMMER ☆
The eyecatching neon pink body is perfect for this hot summer!
Price: ¥2,200

Stickers designed with the 2012 SUMMER colors!
The energetic summer ayupan makes an appearance too ♪
Price: ¥500


mu-mo 2012 SUMMER GOODS sitehttp://shop.mu-mo.net/a/st/event/ayu1208/

11,12 Aug Marine Messe Fukuoka
*All items on sale except for sunshade.

1,2 Sep Kobe World Memorial Hall TO 10,11 Oct National Yoyogi Gymnasium
*All items on sale except for BALITOWEL.

a-nation VENUE Sales
26 Aug Ajinomoto Stadium
*All items on sale.