Livespire movie “A3D ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2009 A ~NEXT LEVEL~”, which showed in Japan in 2010, will be airing in cinemas in Los Angeles in the US to commemorate the receipt of an award from the “3D CREATIVE ARTS AWARDS” from the international 3D association.

The award “A3D” received is given to works with outstanding 3D content and global influence, an award which was also received by movie “Avatar”. The 3rd award ceremony, held this year, saw “A3D” outshining more than 250 works gathered from around the world.

A charming, poppish, colorful performance of various big hits, “A3D” is an entertainment show with overpowering 3D effects and 5.1 sound. This time, the movie will be showing on the big screens in 3D in Los Angeles, the centre of the world’s movie culture.


[Date & Time]
1, 2 September 2012 [Sat, Sun]
15:00~ A3D
17:00~ A3D II
(local times)

Downtown Independent (251S.Main St.,LosAngeles,CA 90012)

Preorders: 18 dollars
Same-day sales: 25 dollars

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