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Date/Time: 30 March 2012. 25:00-29:00
Programme: Yamada Hiroshi’s Radio Unlimited F
Guests: Hamasaki Ayumi, Urata Naoya (AAA)



★ ayu and Naoya came on air at 27:00 (3am), and stayed for about 1 hour.
★ ayu came for recording dressed in a jersey.


Interview Highlights

—What country would you like to visit?
I’d like to go to Brazil.

Because I’ve never been there.

—What interests you there?
It somehow seems really lively there.

—What’s your favorite country?
I like England.

—But you said the food wasn’t good.
I only eat Korean food there, so it’s ok.

—What do you like about England?
I like London’s darkness. I don’t feel calm when the day dawns all bright and sunny.

—Anything you’ve bought recently that you really like?
A really big car. Moving around is really tough, so I’d like a better experience. It has a bar inside too.

—Do you drink sake inside?
I can’t. If I drink while the car is moving, I’ll get carsick.

—Is driving tough?
I’m not the one driving.

—Do you have a public transport concession pass?
I don’t, so I buy tickets at the ticket console.

—You don’t need tickets for that anymore.
Ehh! But then you won’t have proof that you’ve paid. It’s like hitching a free ride.

—They record it using computers now.
So you have to verbally declare that you’re boarding a train?

—Dododooon!! By the way, how do you sleep?
You mean posture?

I just wear a large T-shirt, without any undergarments.

You don’t need to wear any underwear to sleep, right?

—Whose songs do you sing at karaoke?
I don’t go for karaoke sessions anymore.

—What was the last song you sang at karaoke?

—Where do you first start washing when you take a bath?
I start with the head and end with my face. Even if I hurry, I take up to 1.5 hours.

—Why so long?
I just can’t compromise on bath time. I’d sacrifice my sleep time, and even if I hurry, I’ll take at least 1 hour 20 minutes. So everyone always wonders if I’ve fainted inside. I take 45 minutes to brush my teeth.

—Eh, 45 minutes for teeth brushing?
I eat ice, watch a movie, it’s really fun. I also blow bubbles. And I play with dolls and bubble-blowers and other floating toys too. Baths are always fun.

—Name one white thing which you eat.
I don’t really like white foods, including udon.

—How about tofu?
Oh, I like tofu. I don’t like foods that are all mixed up together, things like fried rice and okonomiyaki.

—Would you eat fried rice if I gave you all the components separated?
I normally can separate everything out at an amazing pace. I want to eat everything on its own.