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Secret of Beauty

~ayu speaks to us about the secret to having radiant skin~

Beauty, cuteness, strength… Hamasaki Ayumi-san, the one and only pop princess whom girls all over the world look up to, is this month’s cover girl. With translucent skin like a pearl, a perfect face and body-line, this is the basis of ayu’s style of beauty. “Everyone, let’s become beautiful”, with a smile, she speaks exclusively to us about her beauty secrets.

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I want to make every single nook and cranny of my body beautiful

ayu has been the recipient of a continuous chain of fashion awards, and was also the first one to spread the idea of fashion nails to the world. Her fingers holding the microphone are long and beautiful, and her skin, seeming to shine from within, is white and glowing. Just how does she manage to achieve such looks? What is the secret behind her perfect body-line? For the first time, ayu reveals her beauty secrets in response to these unasked questions.

“From the top of my head to the tips of my nails… I think that any girl who can take care of every single nook and cranny of her body is amazing. Won’t it be obvious when something is bad or lacking in any part of your appearance? That’s why I want to become that kind of girl.”

To speak the truth, ayu’s skin is surprisingly white and translucent, and every inch of her is perfect. So just what is ayu’s definition of perfection?

“My perfect skin would have no spots or dullness, and of course no trouble with pores and unwanted secretions. Isn’t that what every girl wants? (laugh) However, I’m not sure if what I do everyday, staying aware and doing maintenance, is enough for me to achieve that perfect skin. Though I do feel that brushing up on my face-line and body-line is more important when achieving perfection.”

Recording and writing lyrics, filming video clips and hosting lives, ayu’s yearly schedule is packed, every minute filled. Just how does she find time to look after her body? It seems like she has come up with a workable system to solve that problem.

“I’m consistently going for training, chiropractics, and treatment for skin troubles. My schedule is everchanging, so it’s not like my job is fixed around routine times. Thus, it’s hard to only have one place to go to for my treatments. I currently have 2 trainers whom I can really trust, so it’s tons easier for me. Either for training or skin treatment, I have 2 places which I can trust to always be there for me.”

“When I have good information, I share it with everyone. Isn’t it great if everyone can become beautiful too? I mean, if girls can be beautiful, it will help in Japan’s recovery.” So saying, ayu introduced her trusted trainers.

Firstly, pressure training, which she will always make time each day to attend, except on days when she really cannot do so. The training helps her to build up strength for upcoming lives, ups her metabolism, and makes it easier for her to maintain her perfect silhouette.

“I do pressure training with Kato-sensei(*1). Because of my injury, I’m not able to do running for quite a while, so she really helps me out here. She also helps to make my ideals into reality. And then, I do power yoga at POPEYE(*4). It’s quite tough. (laugh)”

And then, for body maintenance.

“Taking care of my most precious body means to do maintenance from the inside-out, with chiropractics, acupuncture and constant massage to ensure my lymph system isn’t blocked. I also get my skeletal structure righted. I like trying out massage and chiropractics in every country I visit, going to people whom others recommend as being good practitioners. In the end, the ones I trust the most are Sou-chan(*5) and Sakata-sensei(*3), who help me out even when I’m on tour. As we live our lives and have our own habits of movement, we distort our bones and dislodge our spine. If we can get that corrected, our bloodflow becomes easier and our organs are returned to their natural positions, and this has beneficial effects on both our beauty and health.”

Next, she introduced the dermatologist she visits for her skin problems.

“The people around me have always told me that “There’s a beauty God over at Ginza!!” (laugh) Usually, I just go to whoever is being touted as the best at that time, but Aoi-sensei(*2) has really helped me out a great deal. Aoi-sensei herself has glowing skin, so I trust her with all my heart!! And then, I frequently go to Terajima-sensei(*6)’s clinic after pressure training. As pressure training really gets my bloodflow going, I go to get my vitamin and placental drips. They get distributed throughout my body really quickly, so my strength is restored faster. Terajima-sensei is really interesting too, so I’m always excited to visit!! (laugh)”

Beauty does not exist naturally. It comes for women who has a strong awareness of beauty.

“0 or 100”. When ayu has decided on something, she follows it through to the end, without compromise. And that may be her true secret to beauty.

Here are the beauty spots as recommended by ayu!

(*1) Studio Body Design
(*2) Aoi Clinic Ginza
(*3) Beauty Chiropractic Salon STREAM Shinjuku Branch
(*4) THE POPEYE Personal Club
(*5) tune:up
(*6) Avenue Roppongi & Omotesando Clinic. Roppongi Clinic


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If girls are cute ♡ energetic ♡ and sexy ♡ !!! Japan will also regain more energy ♡


Get close to the secrets behind ayu’s Sweet eyes!

ayu, the beauty icon of Japanese girls ❤ Here, we reveal the makings of her biggest charm point, those “magnetic eyes”! Included are the new advert visual for ayu’s colored contacts, as well as personal comments from ayu herself! Those who read this page will definitely get those much-admired eyes!

ayu continues to lead fashion trends and create her own line of make-up products ❤ Every girl must have fallen at least once for those magnetic eyes of hers.

Now, beas’ up gets first dibs on ayu’s newest eye make-up secrets. The secret behind those sweet eyes, which seem to come right out of a fairytale, is false lashes and colored contacts. The perfection of tufty, voluminous, yet defined lashes, translucent grey colored contacts; those eyes are the most stylish. Are there any who would love to try out this look? In accordance to everyone’s requests, ayu introduces some items to instantly get you those eyes! So let’s check out those tips and get closer to achieving those eyes!

Everyone wants ayu’s eyes! Here are the secret items!
To get those perfect doll eyes, you’ll need 3 types of false lashes and crystal gray contacts!

1. Eyelash

ayu’s comment: “For the top lashes, I recommend stacking the voluminous tufty Royal Days 07 with the defined Natural Days 01. This gets you those tufty lashes ♪ For the bottom, it’s best to have a natural look, so use Natural Days 01 for that.”

A Eyelash Natural Days Top Lashes 01
A design of randomly arranged defined lashes, this is perfect for days when you need a natural but volume-up look ★

A Eyelash Royal Days Top Lashes 07
Beautiful lashes that are prominent and curled for full impact. Gives you thick, long lashes.

A Eyelash Natural Days Bottom Lashes 01
Randomly arranged and defined lashes blend well with your natural lashes. These lashes do well, even for first-time users.

2. Color Contact Lens

Sweet Days Crystal Gray
An elegant design that enlarges your pupils and enhances the translucence of your eyes. They are really gentle on the eyes too.