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Super Hot☆Nagoya Branch!!!
27 May 2012. 14:59

Day 1 at HOTEL Love songs Nagoya branch ☆

The excitement of everyone who stayed over was truly high,

and the live was so hot, hot, hot!!! (^O^)/

And so, let’s quickly see some commemorative photos

of the smiles of guests who stayed over

during Day 1 at Nagoya branch!

Everyone’s handmade uchiwas and cosplays tell of the passion of their feelings,

and seeing them heightened our excitement as well!!! \(^o^)/

Lastly, from this Nagoya branch,

3 more tour goods have made their debut,

so let’s introduce them here ☆

Number 1. “Wallet”

It’s compact, but has great holding capacity!

Number 2. “Earphone Jack Accessory”
※Each customer can only buy one.

Great for dressing up your smartphone or music player!

Number 3. “Vinyl umbrella”

A perfect attention-grabber with its 4 sides of leopardprint!

※The wallet and earphone jack accessory were so popular that they sold out soon after the goods booths opened. For those who plan to buy theirs at the venue, do try to get them fast.

From everyday accessories to items that come in handy during rainy days,

this line-up is full of happy items ♪ (^_-)-☆

And so, in order to make today’s show the very best,

the troupe will not hold back,

as we sincerely await everyone to come and stay over.