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27 May 2012. 15:15

It’s finally here, the opening of Day 2 at the Nagoya branch!!

In this super hot summerish weather, this super awesome HOTEL is OPENing!!

It’s the hometown of this person ↓

*Caption: Mido

The ladies are getting ready ☆

These guys too (^-^)

It’s really busy now, as everyone is getting ready to welcome the guests!!!
This person is busy doing careful checks!

SUKE3: “I have no make-up on now, so don’t look (;^^)”

Yesterday, we had miso-flavored chicken wings (half-eaten) with Nagoya Cochin‘s TKG, and Nagoya Cochin’s fried egg, and octopus sticks,
so we’re looking forward to it all today too!

Let’s go! Gaishi Hall!!