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2 Days at Nagoya ☆
27 May 2012. 23:59

When I went on a stroll after rehearsals…

So flexible!!!

To have such a flexible body… ☆ It’s just so awesome!

This is Midoring-san ☆, a Nagoya native!

And so, Day 2 at Nagoya was wow!!! Everyone really got so high.
Wow, it was so awesome, that heat!!!
There was even steam forming. (laugh)
Wow, we were really boiling. (laugh)

So, everyone was really happy at the end of it all ( ̄▽ ̄)

Thank you so much to everyone who stayed over
during the 2 days at the Nagoya branch!!
All the hotel staff sincerely await the day
when we can meet up with you again!

A-STAFF Micchii