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Memories of Stayover ☆ 2 days at Kobe World Memorial Hall Branch!
26 May 2012. 12:00

Hello everyone! (^O^)/

Embraced by 2 years’ worth of the hottest

whirlpool of enthusiasm,

our troupe delivered a masterpiece performance

at the Kobe World Memorial Hall branch!!

This is KAYZU, still steaming from last week’s live ☆

At each venue, we take commemorative photos of our guests’ smiles

so that we can treasure them,

and since we haven’t uploaded any photos from the 2 days at the Kobe World Memorial Hall branch,

we’ll upload some right now!!! (^_-)

Everyone staying over had su~ch wonderful smiles! (*^_^*)

Your smiles become the performers’ energy source!

So let’s pass the smile baton from Kobe to Nagoya ☆

Today, our Nagoya branch will open

at Nippon Gaishi Hall!!

Our strong memory of Nagoya is everyone’s super high excitement!!!

We sincerely look forward to meeting with everyone’s sparkling smiles again today.