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Lots of careful filming ♪
7 May 2012.

Today, I did filming & material shoots with Pick up-Voice-san, Newtype-san and Seiyuu Animedia-san~ (^O^)/
First, with Pick up-Voice-san,
I did a cool, dark, mysterious and bewitching shoot,
sort of like Nojima Kenji-san’s “BLOOD-C” worldview ☆
Next, with Newtype-san,
I did a series of material shoots for the release of movie
“Magical girl lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 2nd A’s”.
I did the filming in a cute black mini dress by Fate-chan ♪
And then, at Seiyuu Animedia-san’s,
I did a slightly mysterious image shoot for “TIME SPACE EP”, which will debut on 6 June,
& a fresh poppish shoot for “LIVE UNION” ♪
All the shoots are so totally different from each other o(^-^)o
Everyone, please check them out~ ♪♪♪