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20 May 2012. 00:59

Good evening~!!
And thank you to all who stayed over at the Kobe World Memorial Hall branch!

I, performer SYU, will be in charge of updating today’s blog m(__)m

My favorite city, Kobe!!
I’m so glad that I could come to this city (*^^*)
And to Kobe World Memorial Hall!!!!
Today was s-u-p-e-r-h-o-t too~~~! (laugh)

Thank you (*^^*)

This is a good opportunity to introduce the performance team.

Going clockwise from top right, we have…
Tomoki, SUKE3, Yossi, Kuni, Kacchan, Satoru, and SYU!

Please do remember our names (laugh)

Tomorrow’s Day 2!!!!
We’ll work hard~ (*^^*)