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Yokohama Arena Branch Open!!
13 May 2012. 01:08

My apologies m(._.)m
I was going to submit this entry when everyone was going to check-in to the hotel,
but the server was down and I couldn’t.
So I’m finally updating the blog now.

Recently, the Kanto region had been subjected to sudden rain and hail
and other such crazy weather,
but the weather did a turnabout today,
and our HOTEL Love songs Yokohama Arena branch
opened under a sunny sky! (^_-)v

More than 1000 customers had already formed a long queue at the goods booths long before we started sales! w(゜o゜)w
We tried following the snake-like queue…

The entire queue stretched from the entrance to the goods booths all the way to about 3/4 around the entire arena!!!
Seeing everyone queueing up just made us even more excited!

And then, lots of cosplayers also assembled at the Yokohama Arena branch!!!
Some photos!!!

A group shot of everyone ☆

We were so amazed at the high level of cosplay skills!

And so, we’ll be starting check-in soon ☆
Once again, all us staff are preparing to spend the best and most wonderful time with everyone who will be staying over today.
We’re sincerely waiting for everyone to come stay over!