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13 May 2012. 08:38


I am dancer 2-YAN, not born in Yokohama but in nearby Sagamihara City of Kanagawa Prefecture,
and I’ll be updating the blog this time.

I’m writing this entry after Day 1 at Yokohama.

Wow~ Everyone was really so hot!

I felt that the audience yesterday was the strongest for this year’s tour~

All of us were also at our MAX since the opening song, so we were totally exhausted when the show ended (^^;;

Personally, although Yokohama is not my hometown, it’s still in the same prefecture, and I feel a strange sense of coming home to this special place (laugh)

Kanagawa Prefecture is really the best (laugh)

And although my hometown is Sagamihara,

there are no “Saga”s here (T_T)

We’ll be angry if you say otherwise (laugh)

So, here’s a report on today’s backstage.

Strangely exciting and manly rock-paper-scissors game.

And the childish KO-chan tried to cheat (laugh)

Why did he need to win so badly? (^^;;

Then, make-up before the show

The make-up needed for this tour is really difficult to do,

so us men, who seldom even put on make-up,

won’t be able to show ourselves on stage without the help of our stylists (laugh)

Really, thank you for always ☆彡


Today, 2 new suitcases came backstage

Left ⇒ Kazuma’s.
Right ⇒ Mine.

We’ll be future travel buddies!
And these suitcases got us so pointlessly excited!

By the way, I’m paying for this in monthly installments (laugh)
So I’m living on tea everyday~

With that

Let’s go crazy for Day 2 as well.
And then, let’s burn out!