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Memories of our stay☆Fukui Branch!
11 May 2011. 23:02

HOTEL Love songs Fukui branch was an exhibition of power for the 2 days, between everyone and our general manager (laugh)
Although we had some bad weather,
everyone who stayed over shone bright and were full of smiles,
both outside the venue and during the entire show from start to finish,
not losing out to the storm and chill! (*^^*)

This entry, we’ll be uploading some photos
of everyone’s wonderful smiles ☆

Firstly, those with memorable self-decorated uchiwas and signboards ☆

And then, those who cosplayed, despite the cold weather ☆

It was so heartwarming to see everyone really enjoying themselves!!
Thank you so much to all who cooperated with our phototaking!!

Our HOTEL troupe, having received power from the super energetic Fukui audience,
will continue to evolve, and our Yokohama branch will open tomorrow!