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Ayu’s Deji Deji Diary Vol.138 March

For this month, here’s a peek at the CDL show that took place last year’s end, my 12th show at Yoyogi ♪ And then, there’s also some photos from band rehearsals, dance rehearsals and costume rehearsals before the actual show~ ♪ This CDL will link up to 2012’s ARENA TOUR, so everyone, please do come to HOTEL Love songs to play ♡

Ayu 2012


ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2011-2012 A ~HOTEL Love songs~ Special Report

2011’s “Power of Music” tour: with a focus on the energy of music and simple staging, changing songs into “prayers”. In a complete turnaround, “HOTEL Love songs” is a show sparkling with neon lights, gorgeous sets and romance. On top of that, Ayu, the embodiment of all that is beauty. The show began with “do it again”, the song which ended 2010’s Countdown Live. Her gorgeous voice immediately transported the audience into a fantasy world. The second song, “Happening Here”, was performed in a showgirl-inspired mini dress, with her stirring up the crowd with a shout of “Let’s go!”.

She performed “Sparkle” in a colorful spangled 80’s-style jacket and hot shorts. “Humming 7/4” was a huge explosion of fun, with the entire audience jumping with her. For “evolution”, she discarded the jacket to reveal a tube top. The feeling of liberalization and passion gradually picks up pace.

Dressed in a pink Bijou mini dress, ayu greeted the audience with a message halfway through “RAINBOW”. “In 2011, we experienced lots of pain and sorrow. I hope to take all of that and change it into gentleness, and progress into 2012.” The LIVE that day was also being broadcasted live in cinemas in Hokkaido, Miyaki, Tokyo Sankasho, Kanagawa, Chiba, Tochigi, Aichi, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Hyogo and Fukuoka, as well as on Ustream to the rest of the world. After the count down, ayu shouted “Thank you for all your love!” and continued the song. The sight of her holding back her tears as she sang was as clear and refreshing as a rainbow.

Ayu transformed into a showgirl once again, with wavy gold hair, dressed in a mini dress and black hat. Her voice, crystal clear once again, shone solidly. During final song “Love song”, Ayu delivered her love for TeamAyu, the audience, and music without holding back.

During the encore, she appeared in the Tour T-shirt and denim shorts, exchanging New Year resolutions with guitarist Yocchan and introducing some new members. After that, she performed new song “how beautiful you are”. This is a grand ballad, the theme song for CX-Kei’s new drama “Saigo kara Nibanme no Koi”, and Ayu’s gradually rising vocals left a lasting impression. In the back half, holding back her tears, she performed “MY ALL”, her fists pounding on her thigh in her passion. Everyone present felt ayu’s pricesless love, and the curtains closed on this blessed year.