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~HOTEL Love songs~ 2012 A Osaka Branch Stay: Live Report ⑤
19 April 2012. 19:52

It’s already Thursday~ This is hirobee. Good evening ヾ(。・ω・)ノ゜

This week seems to have passed by really quickly (laugh)

It’s just one of those weeks ^^

I think.

Has Hamasaki-san performed any of the new songs on TV yet?

She hasn’t ヽ(;▽;)ノ

This week’s show is at Fukui.

Every year, I think about taking part in the Fukui shows~, but it’s not easy.

I want to hear Hamasaki-san speak her Hakata dialect live 


Here is ~HOTEL Love songs~ 2012 A Osaka Branch Stay: Live Report ⑤.

  Spoilers ahead  Those who don’t want to know, please don’t read m(_ _)m

Waiting for Encore: A Logo

There was a feature on the Sky Tree,

and some questions on “Who is this?”.

On Day 1, Aki-san and SHU-YA were featured, I think?

On Day 2, Yocchan and Maro were featured, I think?

And then, the usual Enrique-sand and Yocchan A Logos came out to stir the fans up…


A dance performance introducing the dancers to a remix of “SEASONS”.

Really cool.


Hamasaki-san is back on stage!

She talks about how unique Osaka is, and how she could feel our Osaka spirit right from the first song (laugh)

In her words,

There are some songs from Party Queen which I’ve not yet performed, like this song and that song

Would you like to hear it? And we went “Ou!!”

Would you like to hear it? “Ou!!”

Would you like to hear it? “Ou!!”

Would you like to see it? “Ou!!”

You have to say “Iitomo” ^^

Mischievous Hamasaki-san (laugh)

And then,

Would you like to see it? “Iitomo!!”

On Day 2: Would you like to see it? “Ou!! Iitomo!!”

Hearing that, she replied, Those who said “Iitomo” were right

Something like that ^^


A good song.

She performed call on Day 2.

I’m so glad I managed to hear both songs (^o^)v

“call” is a good song too.

The pages for these 2 songs in the album booklet are different from the rest too.


This song’s performance gets a little longer every year (laugh) Again, it was the usual show.

She threw her autographed balls, but I was too far away on Day 1.

On Day 2, some balls did land somewhere near my seat, but I didn’t get any in the end (lol)

Band members’ introduction. There are 4 chorus members this year.

During this song, they always do that formation during the last chorus “kagayaki dashita~♪”.

It’s always wonderful to see that (^o^)v

how beautiful you are

She started singing this song while sitting on the ring section of the center stage.

Then she moved towards the main stage, and did the dancers’ introduction.

There was an explosion of silver streamers too ^^

The first time I took part in Hamasaki-san’s live was CDL 2007-2008.

Though I am often greatly moved by the performances Hamasaki-san puts up, I always worry a little about her vocals.

When I took part in the 4/8 Yoyogi show for 2008’s TOUR (also when I first started this blog),

I had so much fun, but I did feel that both Hamasaki-san and her vocals were a little too thick… ← Oi oi (^o^;)

2009’s NEXT LEVEL was really fun too, a wonderful performance,

but I was worried about Hamasaki-san’s vocals throughout the show.

But! Everything changed for 2010’s RnRC TOUR!!

I managed to truly enjoy the LIVE, without worrying about Hamasaki-san’s vocals at all.

Then, PoM.

A TOUR that reconfirmed the power of Hamasaki-san’s vocals and songs.

And then, 2012.

Wonderful entertainment 

Just how much more will Hamasaki-san evolve 

It’s a little scary~ 

See you (`・ω・´)ゞ