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Glasses-chan ☆
4 May 2012. 01:37

With that, our Fukui branch opened today!

To everyone who stayed over on Day 1 at the Fukui branch, our sincere thanks!
So how was Day 1~? All our customers today were so passionate!!!

so here’s the answer to the quiz question posted a while ago.. (laugh)
Yes! One of my favorite items, Fukui’s glasses!!
That’s their trademark ☆

And so! Today,
we got our cast and staff to try on these cute glasses
we found at the venue. (laugh)

Who do you think looks best with these glasses? ( ̄▽ ̄)

OK, let’s start!!

Entry No.1.

Princess-sama~! She looks really good, as usual ♪( ´▽`)
But, am I the only one who feels that she looks like some anime character..? (laugh)
I think it’s that white towel around her neck ☆ (laugh)

Next up.
Entry No.2.

Security’s Hiroshi-san.

“Give it your best shot!!!”


Entry No.3.

Timmy-ko-san ☆

Hmm, looks slightly off. Senpai. (laugh)

Entry No.4.

Suba-sama ☆

Our entertainer ☆ Wherever there’s laughter,
he’ll be there!! (^○^)

Yes, next.
Entry No.5.

Hitting the bullseye, manager Giant Suki!

This person really exists, right? ψ(`∇´)ψ Guhahahaha.

And then,
Entry No.6.

Stylist Okei-san!
Smile, smile~ (^○^)

Entry No.7.

2-YAN-san ☆

He’s holding a stretch mat ☆
Doing some serious stretching before the show ☆ That’s our man!!
But if he’s going to do stretches with this serious face, it’ll be s-c-a-r-y (^◇^;) Yes.

Yes, next is
Entry No.8.

SATORU-san ☆
So young ☆ We were looking forward to an interesting pose,
but oh well, he just gave us the peace sign!

But since he’s cute, we’ll forgive him!!! (laugh)

Entry No.9.

Sou-san, who helps general manager to stretch and does massages for her ☆
We thought he’d look normal with these glasses… but,
he really does look a little funny. (laugh)

Entry No.10.

There are some people working too.
Yes, this guy looks really fierce, but he’s really very gentle, our Takashi-san ☆

So, who looks the best?
Please use these as your mobile wallpapers ☆ When you are feeling down,
just look at your mobile and you’ll feel better!! (laugh)

Oh, after this,
that dancer will be updating this blog with an entry!
Kekeke ψ(`∇´)ψ Look forward to that!!

A-STAFF Micchii