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Sun Dome Fukui Branch Open!!
3 May 2012. 23:59

Half of Golden Week is over, so how had everyone been spending their time?

After absorbing lots of hometown power at the Fukuoka branch,
the powerful general manager and everyone in the HOTEL troupe
has opened the Fukui branch today with a powerful show!!!
This time, we have a round-shaped venue, right?
It really made everyone feel so cozy and close!

Starting from the first song to the last encore piece,
Everyone who stayed over caused the Sun Dome’s floor to resound?
To vibrate? Non-stop ☆

And so!!
For today, I, KAYZU, will be setting the quiz
Here’s my question to you ☆

“Fukui… is famous for its ○○○ industry,
So just what is ○○○?”

It protects _____ (a body part),
and serves as decoration as well,
so it’s a fashion item too ♪
Recently this item has been
ZIN-san’s trademark ♪(^_-)

The answer is… coming soon!!

In this unfortunate weather due to the power of our general manager, (laugh)
Thank you once again
for staying over~!!!!!!!