mapimapimappy: Sunny in Osaka ☀ LANDS OF Eden.’s Shinsaibashi OPA branch will be opening soon. \(^o^)/
ayu_19980408: RT

mapimapimappy: LANDS OF Eden.’s Shinsaibashi OPA branch is open \(^o^)/ Thank you to everyone who lined up to see us since morning! The shop is open for sale now (laugh)
ayu_19980408: RT

Ta9Revolution21: Roberto Cavalli show today! Fierce make-up and hairstyle!
ayu_19980408: Taku’s iPhone case says Barbie, so I didn’t really focus on your make-up and hairstyle. (laugh)

yuzu_chon: Was steamboat dinner with Yuu-chan yesterday fun? ( 」´0`)」 What did you girls talk about? ♪
ayu_19980408: It was really fun. This thing was really popular with the both of us, though we have no idea what it really is. Anyone?!

oxo_hiroko_oxo: ayu-chan, maybe it’s this?
ayu_19980408: Oh~!! That’s it!! Chinsuurenpi ♡
(Misa’s note: Chinsuurenpin (金絲恋餅 or チンスーレンピン); Golden Thread Love Biscuits)

ayu_19980408: Dailies are out ♡