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~HOTEL Love songs~ 2012 A Osaka Branch Stay: Live Report ④
18 April 2012. 19:48

Today’s a hot day. This is hirobee. Good evening ヾ(。・ω・)ノ゜

I was sweating while I worked. 

I don’t know why, but it’s strange how much work I have (laugh)

I didn’t plan for this…

Yes, yes…

VOL.42 magazine is here!

I’ll look through it at leisure ^^

And so…

Here is ~HOTEL Love songs~ 2012 A Osaka Branch Stay: Live Report ④.

  Spoilers ahead  Those who don’t want to know, please don’t read m(_ _)m


Yossy’s tissue dance.

I watched this from the side view on Day 2, and it was awesome.

Hamasaki-san’s LIVE is really not lacking in any type of performance at all.


I don’t remember if the curtains were already drawn during the tissue dance, or if they only closed during this part.

It was a performance by the performance and acrobatics team, to the music intro from Ladies Night.

They were all on rollerblades.

Ladies Night

The curtains opened, and the dancers came out with huge fans.

It was a similar performance to CDL.

Hamasaki-san made her appearance from the top 

Party queen

A performance similar to CDL, with the LOVE set and the moving stage.

Hamasaki-san performed the song while sitting on the LOVE’s O (I think).

The choreography for this song was great;

similar to CDL, everyone acted as if they were drunk.

During the back half of the song, everything suddenly came to a silent standstill,

and she sang “I am a lonely queen…”.

Yes, yes, during the “kanpa~i” part of the song,

everyone really did a “kanpa~i” together, though I didn’t notice this on Day 1.

I only suddenly noticed it during the first “kanpa~i” on Day 2 (lol)

So during the second “kanpa~i”, I managed to join in too (^o^)v


When the intro came on, I thought “!? It’s SURREAL ヽ(;▽;)ノ”

I almost cried 

It started with the dancers doing a “thousand-armed Goddess of Mercy” move,

then Hamasaki-san, who was on the runway, beckoned for Yocchan and Enrique-san to join her,

and it was the usual performance on the center stage 

Then it changed to evolution, and the dancers joined in on stage too.

I waved my right hand during SURREAL’s “Lala~lalai ♪ Lala~lalai ♪”

then I waved frantically with both hands.

Wow~ I was just so excited.

And then, the curtains closed, and I thought the main show was over…

But with Tomo-san’s keyboard intro, the curtains were opened again.

Love song

“Hey, Tomo-san, the last song has already ended…”

Hamasaki-san was all “Eh? Eh?”,

then Princess and Timmy started to sing…

The performance was similar to CDL’s.

The dancers, dressed as their own characters, appeared to greet the audience.

On Day 2, when Maro and Midoring were on the slanting bed, the centrifugal force of the moving stage caused the bed to slide out of position, and Maro had to rush to push the bed back to its original spot ^^

That’s all for today.

The TOUR’s performances this time are really wonderful.

There was also no point in time when I felt worried that Hamasaki-san’s vocals wouldn’t make it (^o^)v


If my report differs from the reports of other fans who went for the same LIVE,

the mistakes are mine. Please forgive my lousy memory m(_ _)m

I ended the same way the previous entry too (laugh)

See you (`・ω・´)ゞ