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~HOTEL Love songs~ 2012 A Osaka Branch Stay: Live Report ③
17 April 2012. 18:15

Hmm~ So hungry, this is hirobee. Good evening ヾ(。・ω・)ノ゜

My stomach is empty (laugh)

All the sakura have fallen, and though it feels a little lonely, the weather is starting to get better.

Yes, yes…

With this tour, the “thank you card” is brought back again^^

Extremely well done (laugh)

The survey we had to do was a bother, but I’m glad it’s back ♪

And so…

Here is ~HOTEL Love songs~ 2012 A Osaka Branch Stay: Live Report ③.

  Spoilers ahead  Those who don’t want to know, please don’t read m(_ _)m


I think it was a video filmed inside a church?~ (laugh)

Return Road

The performance for this song is really worth watching.

On the moving stage, dancers dressed in hooded clothes appeared.

Their faces were hidden, so we couldn’t tell who was who. One of the dancers had choreography that was different from the rest…

Hamasaki-san performed the song on the top stage. Her costume was really awesome.

It was a dress, but with electrical power, so the color of the dress changes 

From white to blue, then deep blue, then yellow (or orange)

It was quite shocking.

The dancers lined up along the runway, and Hamasaki-san looked as if she was searching for someone.

Alone on the top stage, she was going to embrace one of the dancers, but he pointed towards the center stage…

Where a wooden pillar was erected, and one of the dancers was running towards it.

The other hooded dancers chased after him and took him down.

Seeing this, Hamasaki-san’s dress became a scarlet color.

It was so impressive!

It was a wonderful performance, similar to RnRC TOUR’s “BALLAD” (^o^)v

Wow~ I really wish everyone could have seen it…

Hamasaki-san’s vocals were, wow! Awesome!!!

Wow~ I’m so glad I went to watch the show ^^

“Return Road”‘s PV,

plus this tour performance.

I think this song holds a very important meaning.

That’s all for today.

In my opinion, ^^

the screen movies for this tour are really a must-watch (^o^;)


If my report differs from the reports of other fans who went for the same LIVE,

the mistakes are mine. Please forgive my lousy memory m(_ _)m

I ended the same way the previous entry too (laugh)

See you (`・ω・´)ゞ