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~HOTEL Love songs~ 2012 A Osaka Branch Stay: Live Report ②
16 April 2012. 20:00

After one week, this is hirobee. Good evening ヾ(。・ω・)ノ゜

After staying over at HOTEL Love songs Osaka branch, I’m feeling super great now 

↑ Goods displays. Hard to see with the lighting (^o^;)

Wow~ Hamasaki-san!

Was so cute  and beautiful  and cool 

And… sexy 

↑ After the show on Day 1

And so…

Here is ~HOTEL Love songs~ 2012 A Osaka Branch Stay: Live Report ②.

  Spoilers ahead  Those who don’t want to know, please don’t read m(_ _)m


Suba-sama was a security guard? It was a video of Hamasaki-san and the girl dancers cleaning up a room.

Midway through, Hamasaki-san threw a rag at Suba-sama, and she overturned a bucket of soapy water,

while he waved around a vacuum cleaner. It was such a mess, and so funny ^^

At the end, they took off their costumes to reveal another cute costume, and did an ending pose.

Shake It

A performance with chairs.

Like in the PV, she shook her butt during the “shake it…~♪” part (laugh)

She was so cute ^^

STEP you

A performance that started at the center stage, then moved to the main stage.

It was a cute and great performance ^^


A gunfight between the screen movie video and the performers on the main stage.


Yes~ It’s time for this song!

Will Hamasaki-san come to my side of the audience on Day 2 

It was just too much excitement 

She waved, though not at me (laugh)

She was so cute 

Timmy sang the part with the English lyrics, and the lyrics

were shown on the screen in cool patterns too ^^

I don’t really remember the performance (laugh)


No (/^o^) No (/^o^\) No \(^o^)/

That’s it ^^

At the end, Hamasaki-san did the crazy twirling thing, just like during NEXT LEVEL TOUR.

Maro’s Tap Dance

Was so cool~!

the next LOVE

A performance with a bar setting; Hamasaki-san performed this song while lying on the bar counter.

The male dancers were just being cool.

Hamasaki-san was wearing a shiny tight dress. She has beautiful legs 

When she descended from the counter, the dancers and performers created a human staircase for her to walk down on (◎_◎)

Eyes, Smoke, Magic

Lots of performances happening on stage, it was hard to decide where to look.

The acrobatics team did speed revolutions in midair on suspended rings.

I need to reconfirm this performance at Kobe’s show in May. I have no recollection of Hamasaki-san’s performance (lol)

And so, that’s all for now~.

Really, I.can’t.remember.anything.anymore~ (laugh)

My memories have been stolen by the devil again,

but I will continue with the report tomorrow ^^


If my report differs from the reports of other fans who went for the same LIVE,

the mistakes are mine. Please forgive my lousy memory m(_ _)m

I ended the same way the previous entry too (laugh)

See you (`・ω・´)ゞ