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Super hot Fukuoka Branch!!!!
26 April 2012. 02:56

The 2 days at HOTEL Love songs Fukuoka Branch,
as expected, the hometown! The explosion of hometown power, Hakata fan power
shook the venue right after the show started,
it was just so hot!!!!

Of course, everyone was really high during the show,
but even at the end, everyone showed their support with the ayu call and their applause.
It reached all the way backstage
and it was just so impressive (*^^*)

Again, hotel manager’s Hakata dialect during the emcee session
can only be witnessed at the Fukuoka branch,
and all the customers and performers and staff were so high and sweating so much.
It was just so, so hot, super hot,
these 2 days at the Fukuoka Branch! (^_-)-☆

Now, let’s introduce some of the people
who came to stay over at the Fukuoka Branch ☆


“Thank you for your love”
The hotel manager, the performers and all the staff
are able to put together every single live
because of the support from everyone’s smiles and love.

And for spending the best time together with us,
thank you so much!!!!!!