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~HOTEL Love songs~ 2012 A Osaka Branch Stay: Live Report ①
15 April 2012. 22:40

I stayed over again at HOTEL Love songs Osaka Branch~.

This is hirobee. Good evening ヾ(。・ω・)ノ゜

Wow~ Wow~ ←What?

The HOTEL today was wonderful too.

↑ After Day 1’s show at Osaka

I received power from Hamasaki’s troupe at yesterday’s LIVE, right?

So I got well overnight and am feeling great now (^o^)v

As expected, I just had to enjoy myself to the fullest, screaming with my loudest voice and waving with all my might,

and all the bad things in my body will be forced out ^^

ayu is just so great…

I bought all these goods yesterday (^o^)v

These 4 items.

My key strap…

Is purple

It’s the color I wanted most, so I’m happy 

My ayupan…

I guzzled down all the cookies (laugh)

And so…

Here is ~HOTEL Love songs~ 2012 A Osaka Branch Stay: Live Report ①.

  Spoilers ahead  Those who don’t want to know, please don’t read m(_ _)m

I was in Stand F-Block on Day 1, Stand N-block on Day 2.

The view from these seats were the best for my 2 days ^^

On the first day, I got a full view of the entire stage, and on Day 2, I got to watch the show from the side view.

And since I was in the 4th row, I could see the dancers and chorus members, and of course Hamasaki-san,

up close, the closest I’ve ever been 

However, the lights were really too bright 

The stage was similar to CDL’s.

Both shows started about 10~20 minutes behind schedule, which is quite a big deal in Osaka.

Firstly, an introductory video to HOTEL Love songs played on the screens.

Since the narration was in English, I guess the hotel isn’t located in Japan (laugh)

After this, scenes of the dancers, dressed as hotel workers, were shown, doing work around the hotel,

and all the dancers were introduced…

A buzzer sounded and the lights went off. The cheers were crazy 

The tension’s always the highest at this point in the show 

Then, dressed in the HOTEL’s uniform (but if these were real hotel uniforms, it’ll be a crazy hotel. Especially the male dancers’ uniforms (laugh),

the dancers appeared on the runway and sub-stage (that’s the round center stage)

and started to act out various HOTEL chores.

Then, the stage curtains rose and Hamasaki-san appeared  from the top (lol)

↑ from Mezamashi TV’s 9/4 broadcast

Welcome to HOTEL Love songs

Happening Here

Loud cheers  I screamed too, “ayuuu!”

Hamasaki-san descended from above in a gondola (laugh) and the first song immediately began.

This was the opening song.

A cover of TRF’s song, and the theme song chosen for this tour.

It was a performance by Hamasaki-san and the dancers. Princess and Timmy were at Hamasaki-san’s side, singing too.


There’s really lots of screen movies this time.

I don’t really know what song this is.

It was a video on the different couples, in their respective hotel rooms.

reminds me

There was a door at the moving stage, and the performance was about the turmoil experienced by the different couples in their rooms.

Hamasaki-san was at the centre section of the top stage (when the moving stage is at the top position) with the door,

and it was a performance with SHU-YA.

Were they fighting? (laugh)

On the second day, the door blocked my view and I could only catch glimpses of ayu, but I managed to watch the performance from up close.

The silence right before she sings the last verse “tsukareta karada to…” was really great ^^

Tell me why

A performance by Hamasaki-san, SHU-YA and the male dancers.

SHU-YA on the centre section of the top stage and the male dancers on the main stage had the same choreography,

and they were really synchronized. Hamasaki-san’s LIVEs really have great performances.

Was it only for this song? That the lighting changed entirely to red during the last chorus?

I forgot, but that was really nice.


A video of Hamasaki-san and Maro, a couple in their room. They were sleeping when Maro woke up and left the room.

Hamasaki-san was actually awake, and she noticed…


The slanting bed performance, just like in CDL.

Hamasaki-san and Maro were on the same bed initially, then Maro left,

and the girl dancers came in to perform.

Hamasaki-san was on the bed singing. It was an adult-version of appears ^^

In the end, Maro and another girl…

That’s all for today’s entry~.

I.can’t.really.remember.much.anymore~ (laugh)

My memory has been stolen by the devil for now,

but I will continue with the rest tomorrow ^^

And then…

If there are any differences between my live report and those of other participants,

it’s probably because I have bad memory, please forgive me m(_ _)m

That’s all (`・ω・´)ゞ