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Marine Messe Fukuoka Branch ☆ Thank you for the 2 days!
23 April 2012. 00:37

After 2 days, Hotel Love songs Fukuoka Branch has closed with great success!!
In these 2 days, thank you so so much
for all your warm voices and cheers!!!

As I’ve said, the bath towel was really essential, right? ( ̄▽ ̄)v
It was so hot we sweated, and we cried… Right? ♪

If I may venture a personal story,
when I saw how everyone said
“Welcome homeeee!!” to our hotel manager,
I felt like crying. *sniff* (T ^ T)
So many people came to the airport too..

Hotel manager looked so happy ♪(*^^*)

We will OPEN the branch again in August,
after powering up lots!!
So we promise to welcome everyone to stay over again!!!

Next is Fukui!!
We’re looking forward to seeing the power of everyone at Fukui!
All us hotel staff will open the show with full power too,
so be ready for us ☆

We sincerely wait for the day when we can meet with everyone’s smiles… ☆

A-STAFF Micchii