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Soon ♪ But before that, a quiz ♪
22 April 2012. 15:06

Yesterday’s show was totally hot!!
Yes, this is Micchii ☆

Ehh, firstly,
when I was hosting the emcee session with the hotel manager yesterday and we were speaking in our native dialect,
I just felt so at home.
So… Sorry about that (^◇^;) (laugh)

Oh! Yes yes.
Yesterday, as I was passing by a corridor backstage..
I saw this wonderful cake!!

I cried out “So cute—-!!!” before I even realized it!
Everyone passing by was just taking lots of photos of it~!

It’s from NOB-sensei, who’s always such a great help to everyone ♪
Thank you ☆

A few days ago, I visited the male dancers’ backstage room ☆
There, I lined up these 5 beautiful mobile phones,

and took this photo!

Yes! You’ve guessed it! ( ̄▽ ̄)

It’s Quiz Time ☆

Whose iPhone cases are these?

※2 other dancers were at rehearsals, so their phones aren’t here.

If you can guess it all correctly, you’re really awesome ☆
Please do make your guesses ♪( ´▽`)

And so, Day 2 at Fukuoka Branch will open soon!
Everyone, have you gotten your bath towels ready?
Sweat lots, cry lots, laugh lots before you go home!!!

I hope that hotel manager’s voice and thoughts will reach out to everyone today.


Wait for us! (*^^*)

A-STAFF Micchii