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Marine Messe Fukuoka Branch Open!!
21 April 2012. 15:41

Finally, we’re finally here ♪

At Fukuoka, the hometown of our hotel manager,
HOTEL Love songs Marine Messe Fukuoka Branch
will open today ☆

As expected of the hometown, the number of people
who came to welcome hotel manager baby at the airport was more than 200,
and even though they must have waited for a long long while, thinking repeatedly “Is she here yet? Is she here yet?”,

the moment she appeared, it was all high tension and loud screams, without a single trace of fatigue (laugh)
It was an explosion of Hakata fan power!!!!!!!!!

Which means that we must not lose out to the powerful Hakata fans.
Our HOTEL troupe will realign our spirits and be fully charged before the opening today (^O^)/♪

And so, to everyone who will be staying over today,
we will deliver the very best and strongest service to you~!!!!!!!!