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Fukuoka Branch Open!!
21 April 2012. 23:48

Greetings! This is a staff of HOTEL Love songs, blue-haired SUBARU!

We sincerely thank all those who spent the time with us
during the Fukuoka branch grand opening today!

As expected of ayu-chan’s hometown! The passion is amazing!

This is the most we’ve ever perspired during this tour!

Oh, since this is ayu-chan’s hometown, does this make the Fukuoka branch the flagship branch?

Hmm? So which is the true flagship branch, or is every branch a flagship?

Oh no. Now I’m all confused…


I guess every branch is a flagship branch!

Saitama, then Osaka, now Fukuoka!

Wow! This is so fun. Yep.

All of us in the service crew are really enjoying ourselves too! Yep.

And behind-the-scenes of this fun-filled hotel,

here’s a peek inside the staffroom.

Firstly, the service acrobatics team.

Kazuma is stretching his leg~!

The one whose back is facing us….

Yes, it’s that hunky staff member.


I won’t say it, because it’s a little hard.

Next, the senior staff group.

Yes. 2-YAN, ZIN-san, and I.

Oh, we forgot Shuccha!


Next, the staff member with superhuman strength who can lift anything, SUKE3!

Awesome! Too awesome!

Super superhuman strength. Seriously.

This word must have been invented just to describe his power!

He’s a really nice guy.

A gentleman.

Who loves beer.

So that’s our hotel, where the laughter never ceases, even in the staffroom.

Sometimes serious, sometimes all-smiles.
Preparing the best performance,

with passion and love,

a momentary wonderful dream.
All us staff will be sincerely waiting for everyone to come stay over!