sgunji: KEITA MARUYAMA exhibition. Beautiful, right, totally enchanting. As expected, these clothes are so beautiful!
ayu_19980408: Ah~ I feel such a wonderful aura from these!! I want to go so much…

ayu_19980408: Mummy’s souvenirs from Shanghai just reached (*☻-☻*)

ayu_19980408: Don’t forget the one who helped u. Don’t hate the one who loved u. Don’t cheat the one who believes u. OK? ♡

ayu_19980408: Ai-pon & Zaki-chan Combi has done cute nails for me again ♡ I’ll be going to Fukuoka with these~ (=´∀`)人(´∀`=) By the way, I’ll be travelling with Timmy-ko tonight as well.

yu_kanazawa: Part 2 of Kanazawa Yu-produced bags has received No.1 on Rakuten’s rankings today! Thank you!!!
ayu_19980408: Congrats ♡ Bring more energy to Japan with girl power ♡

littlejimmy1989: @SHUYA_Mizuno Long time no see!!
SHUYA_Mizuno: Jimmy-chan (laugh) I want to visit HK (・ิ∀・ิ๑)
ayu_19980408: Bring me along too ♡

ayu_19980408: Reached Fukuoka!! Everyone at the airport was so passionate~ Just how many hundreds were there?~ I was sweating so much, I thought it was already summer. (laugh) Thank you for always waiting for me. Thank you for always allowing me to say “I’m home”. Yay, hometown ♪

ayu_19980408: Finally, from tomorrow on, little bro’s tour this year 「AAA tour 2012-777 TRIPLESEVEN」 will begin. I’m praying for it to be a wonderful tour for all the members, all the staff, and all the fans around the country!!

ayu_19980408: After such a long time, I finally got my iPhone updated, but I don’t know how to use it now (´Д` )

UN1982: Talk to the iPhone! It’ll answer you!
ayu_19980408: Huh! Really?! It’ll help me write out messages?? Can I just suddenly talk to it???

Takaomi_Tani: Just turn on siri using your Settings Menu, then hold the Home button to turn on the mike so you can speak to it (*→艸←*)
ayu_19980408: Still grappling with it…

ayu_19980408: Alright! Finally, HOTEL Love songs Fukuoka Branch will open today at Marine Messe in Fukuoka!! We’re preparing for the opening now so we can welcome everyone with our best~ ☆ Juno dongsaeng has a reservation with us today too (^-^)/

Natsukikey: I want to go too 😳✨ I’ll try my best to go!
ayu_19980408: Everyone is waiting for you (^-^)/

JUNO_Japan: I’ll be coming to stay over after my event at Saga (^O^)/
ayu_19980408: OK ♪ I’ll be waiting~ (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

ayu_19980408: Day 1 opening at Marine Messe Fukuoka Branch, everyone’s tension was so awesome~!! The passion from the very first song was so strong it rocked the stage, and though there was that tragic incident when I stumbled over my words when I shouldn’t have stumbled, I just forced it through (laugh) We managed to close up with great success m(_ _)m Thank you ☆

fujikatsum: There’s just so many fine details in the dancers’ performances, the band, the screen movies.. Everything was done to the max for this show, and watching it once won’t allow you to catch everything. I’ll be staying over many times and looking forward to each visit ( ̄▽ ̄)
ayu_19980408: Please come to stay over again~ ☆ We’ll be waiting!!

ayuloooov: ayuu! It was really the best! This is the first time I sweated so much and screamed so loudly for a live! Thank you for such a lovely time. Let’s meet again in August!
ayu_19980408: It was really hot! During the encore, Maro-chan was like a dog who just had a bath.

kon_1002_TA: ayu-chan! I stayed over for Day 1 at Marine Messe Fukuoka. The best hospitality, the troupe’s power, love, and the performance lived up to the tour title too. I cried from beginning to end. Your Hakata dialect was cute too! Thank you so much for today ♡ I’ll definitely stay over again soon!
ayu_19980408: Please do ☆

Nami01210129: ayu-chan, how do you manage to create such amazing LIVEs?! ayu-chan’s troupe is just so powerful every year ☆ I want to be with you always ☆ Everyone’s smiles were too wonderful! I’ll be visiting the HOTEL tomorrow too! I’m so excited I can’t sleep (//∇//)
ayu_19980408: We’ll be waiting for you tomorrow!!

akachan82: ayu-chan ♡ It’s hometown Fukuoka ♡ It was really the best (・∀・) But it was so hot!! Your efforts with voice training really shows, your voice is amazingly beautiful (*☻-☻*)
ayu_19980408: I did voice training with Micchii today ♪ But it was really very hot~!!

sa_ayu_avrxoxo: Day 1 at Fukuoka was the best. ayu is the best singer and entertainer. I’ve never stayed at such a wonderful hotel before, even though you stumbled over the important words! (laugh)
ayu_19980408: ( ̄▽ ̄) Did everyone notice?

kero_ayu: The tension and passion were so amazing, like this was the finale show…! Thank you for the best Day 1 in Fukuoka! It’s worth the long trip I made just to stay over. I’ll be staying over tomorrow too (@ ̄ρ ̄@)
ayu_19980408: Tomorrow will be exciting too!! Please bring your bath towel m(_ _)m☆

TA_chi114: ayu-chan. Thank you. It was an amazing hotel. Full of dreams and hopes and sorrows. And love too. Just by staying over, we managed to witness so much. See you. I’ll be staying over next month again!!!
ayu_19980408: We’ll be waiting (*^^*)