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Osaka Jou Hall Branch ☆ Thank you for the 2 days!
16 April 2012. 20:43

Good evening!

HOTEL Love songs Osaka Jou Hall Branch
had 20,000 customers staying over these 2 days,
and has now closed shop successfully!!!

In short, everyone at Osaka was full of energy
and showed off their unique, almost legendary loud voices, (laugh)
so these 2 days were going at high voltage right from the start.
Everyone in the HOTEL troupe are full of gratitude
for receiving so much Osaka power this time too ☆

To everyone who stayed over, thank you all so much
for spending this wonderful time with us!!! (*^^*)

In July, an upgraded HOTEL will reopen here at Osaka Jou Hall again,
we promise you that (^-^)/♪

And so,
we’ll be waiting for you to come stay over again m(_ _)m

Thank you!!!!!
A-STAFF Micchii