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16 April 2012. 17:28

Thank you for always (^_^)ノ

in Osaka~!!

Everyone always asks me if I was born in Osaka?

I, dancer kayano, was born in Tokyo,

but I’ll be doing the report on Osaka.


I’ll be reporting!

From here~


From where~?!

Just where is here??

Can you guess now?

Here is..

The girls’ room!

Which means that…

It’s the backstage room for us girl dancers (^-^)

The 6 girls, excluding the chorus ladies, are all in this room,

where we prepare our make-up and costumes before the show.

Make-up is crucial if we’re to go on stage, so…

Have a look!

The! False lashes cases!

We’ve already done our make-up, so the cases here are empty. The lashes we use are

The A eyelashes!!

By the way, each of us puts on 2 sets of lashes ♪

Next up, the girls’ make-up pouches!!

Which? Belongs to whom?

Please make a guess (laugh) (^。^;)

All of these are our personal items!

Using stuff from these pouches, we can achieve “that” make-up look!

Which look??

The make-up look for this tour really takes lots of time to do!

That’s the kind of look. (laugh)

And then… Aside from make-up, costumes are also essential when going on stage!

The one in charge of the dancers’ & performers’ costumes is this person.


Took a photo of her as she was working (^_^)v

Waka-nyan, thank you for always!!

With that!

Let’s end with this tour’s parka! (^^)!

My make-up is half-done, so sorry for only showing my back m(_ _)m

LOVE (^_-)

And so,

together with all the staff, we wait for everyone to come stay over!