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ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2012 A ~HOTEL Lovesongs~
7 April 2012. 16:16

Everyone, long time no see!

~HOTEL Love songs~
will open today!
This staff blog will reopen as of today too!

To celebrate the suddenness of this reopening!!!
Today, we’ll be specially
uploading some photos
of full-dress rehearsals from yesterday!!!


By the way, the parka troupe leader is wearing
is the Men’s size one.

And so… the show will finally begin in a few hour’s time.

This new best show will begin
when you step foot inside HOTEL Love songs…

We’ll be welcoming all guests
into a space where they can spend a wonderful time
with the best smiles!

Surrounded by the best music,
with the best entertainment,
do enjoy this world
of neverending dreams ☆

And so…
we’ll be waiting
for lots of customers to come stay over!