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Fukuoka Asia Collection ☆
26 March 2012. 22:18:28

We attended Fukuoka Asia Collection yesterday 

It was really very exciting 
I’m really happy since I’ve not been to Fukuoka for a live for such a long time 
There were some who came with their Kanayan Tour heart lightsticks, and even though they were sitting really far away, I could still see them, and that got me really excited 

Thank you 

Fukuoka is really full of fashionable people  It was really cold there yesterday, but there were many who came in their spring fashion coordinations 

But it was really so cold— 

It’s already the end of March, so I guess it’s about time to look at what’s trending this spring 

So let’s start with shoes. Recently, I’ve been in love with these thick-soled Oxfords 

(Both from ESPERANZA)

They’re available in many different colors, such as pink/white bicolor, but I got these which go well with most outfits 
I think my manager-san got the yellow/green pair though 

When the days start to get a little warmer, I want to start wearing this heeled sandals  


Can’t wait 
I just want to wear those spring/summer clothes soon