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Thank you!!
19 March 2012. 20:11:06

Michinoki United States yesterday 

Live in Sendai 

It’s been a long time since my last live at Sendai, and it was so fun!!
Everyone gave me a really warm welcome, I received lots of power, and we had a super Happy time together!! Thank you 

And then, yesterday (18/3), which was my birthday, was also fellow performer MONKEY MAJIK’s Blaise’s birthday 
During the live, Blaise-san and I received many congratulatory messages from everyone 
I was really happy to spend my birthday with so many people 
Everyone, thank you so much!!

There are so many birthday messages on this blog too, so I’m really happy 
Everyone’s words are presents enough for me 

Thank you so so much.

To my beloved everyone, I send you love from my heart