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My Baby
16 March 2012. 13:31:18

I recently said that I’ll talk about SAKURA, I love you?’s coupling tracks,
「My Baby」 and 「sweet sweet」 

Reading everyone’s comments on this blog, I’m glad to see that the coupling tracks are well-received too 

And everyone has shortened SAKURA, I love you? to “sakurabu”!!
So I’ll use that too 

And so, let’s start with 「My Baby」

This song has the same theme as sakurabu, a song about past and present boyfriends.
However, the protagonist in this song is more mature than the one in sakurabu.
The music was made in a Western ballad style too, so it gives off a mature adult atmosphere.

In fact, I made this track My Baby even before sakurabu 

In sakurabu, the bias is towards the former boyfriend, but in My Baby, it’s the other way round.
The protagonist restrains her heart and chooses the happiness she sees in front of her, with the current boyfriend.

Is everyone of the sakurabu type?
Or the My Baby type?

And then, 「sweet sweet」 

As the title says, it’s a sweet~ sweet~ song 

It’s a song about a strong-willed little devil of a girl, who truly shows off her cute side only to her boyfriend 
Usually, the 3rd song in my singles are the fast-paced electone-based songs, but this one’s a slower and cuter piece 

As Mass-san calls it,  Palatial R&B 
A type of R&B that goes well with a chandelier 

I don’t really get it, but in short, it’s about the beloved perspective of a girl 
It’s a little unrealistic, but it’s sparkly, cute and romantic 

This must be what a girl’s heart must feel when thinking of her beloved boyfriend 
Everyone, please listen to this while thinking of your beloved as well 

By the way, I’m having sweet~ sweets nails now