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Chaku-uta Full Start ♪
28 February 2012. 18:00:11

From tomorrow, 29 Feb on 

New song  「SAKURA, I love you?」  will be released as chaku-uta full 

To describe this song,

—– It’s about a girl whose feelings is wavering between her current boyfriend and her past boyfriend

“I’m happy now, really.”

Thinking that, she stands under a sakura tree with her current boyfriend 

There, memories of her past boyfriend surfaces…

Memories from the previous year, when they’d promised to come here together again.

“If we were still together, would I be laughing more? Would I be having more fun?…”

Thinking this in her heart… It feels like she is lying.

Even though this current boyfriend treats me so well,
when he’s so gentle, unlike you, and sees only me…

When he is totally “Mr Nice Guy”, so much more than you—–

That’s why I don’t like you anymore.

“I don’t love you anymore, really.”

—– Where does my heart really lie?

What is this feeling of guilt towards this current boyfriend?

—– Just how much longer can I ignore my true feelings?

Words which I will never say to the past boyfriend, which I can never say to the current boyfriend.

I love you…

Holding these unspeakable feelings, what should I do? I’m caught in the worst kind of spiral
Everyone has probably experienced this kind of love themselves, or known people who did.

At the end of the song, she realizes her true feelings,
and I’ll be really glad if you can listen to it and pay notice to the lyrics 

Please do give it a listen