All songs from 13th Album 『Party Queen』, to be released on 21 March, will be fully revealed in a preview!
We are opening up a free preview limited to TA members, where you can get to hear 『Party Queen』 before everyone else!

※Hamasaki Ayumi herself will not be attending the event.

Music videos included with the DVD, such as 「Shake It♥」, 「NaNaNa」,
「Return Road」 and 「how beautiful you are」 will also be revealed!


Somewhere in town (location will be revealed to lottery winners)

10 March 2012 (Sat)
●Round 1 (Doors open / show start)
10:00 / 10:30
●Round 2 (Doors open / show start)
12:30 / 13:00
●Round 3 (Doors open / show start)
15:00 / 15:30
●Round 4 (Doors open / show start)
17:30 / 18:00
●Round 5 (Doors open / show start)
20:00 / 20:30

※Please gather at the venue at least 15 minutes before the show start time.
※No entry will be allowed after the show has started.
※Doors open / show start times may be brought forward/backward.
※Choose your preferred timing during the lottery. No changes will be entertained after the results are out.

■Entry Period:
Now ~ 29 Feb 18:00

Each TA member can apply for one show.

※No other persons will be allowed as accompaniment.
※Non-TA members will not be allowed into the venue.

■Result Announcement Period:
Winners will receive an e-mail by 2 March 21:00.

■Things to bring:
・Print-out of e-mail
・TA member card
・Identification card (with photo)

※Those without an identification card with photo will be confirmed by name
※No recording devices are allowed.
※No matter the reason, letting another member go in your stead is not allowed. Any non-winners will be turned away on the day itself.


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