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Spring Fashion Present ♪
24 February 2012. 12:19:26

It’s still a little early, but I’ve been looking around for good spring clothes to put into a fashion coordination 

Here’s what it looks like!

“Walkman” is actually launching a new campaign,
3 lucky winners will be picked out of all those people who have purchased the “Walkman”, and they’ll receive this recommended spring coordination style I’ve picked out, as well as a signed autograph  

Furthermore, there’s another campaign where you get a free download from mora as a present, either the song from new single “SAKURA, I love you?” or “Tatoe donna ni…”, both TV CM songs for the “Walkman” 
There’ll be 10,000 winners for this 

I’ll be glad if everyone will be interested to take part  
Please check the “Play You. site” for details on how to take part and which products to buy 
Here are the sites ↓