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LANDS OF Eden. 2012 S/S Visual Released!
22 February 2012.


This is Press.

Finally, the new visual for 2012 S/S has been released today!

We have Hamasaki Ayumi-san as our image character this time round too.

Together with this release, our entire website, the styling page, the shopping page, the blog top page and the visual in our physical shop has all been renewed too.

The visual in our shop uses a different image that is not uploaded online, so please do come down to check it out yourself!

We’re sure there are many people who are interested in the clothes modelled by AYU!

More NEWS will be uploaded soon, do keep a lookout for that.

We apologize that the items have yet to be put on sale, but do look forward to their release…!

All the new items this time round are super affordable, so try to get all of them for a fully coordinated style!

Last season’s apparel as promoted by AYU were really popular, with customers coming from all over Japan to get the items. The new items will all be of limited quantity, so if you see it, be sure to get it!

Details about their release will be updated on this blog and twitter 

Look forward to them– 

Some spoilers for the next new visual, to be released end-April, have also been revealed on the left page of “AYU’s Deji Deji Diary” in ViVi this month, so look forward to that too! (More details about this will be revealed in April).


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