AIKO_esNAIL: Can I boast?… I got chocolates from ayu-san– (♡▽♡) ♡ And they’re from the much-admired hanaBi too ♡♡
ayu_19980408: Kyaa (//∇//)♡

Christophechoo: We had a great time for Gabrielle’s birthday last night.
ayu_19980408: Awwwww…Miss ya!!!

mmanaho: When I got home at night, a super Big Surprise BIRTHDAY present was waiting for me )ノシ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°ヾ ayu-chan, thank you so much. I’m so Happy ♡
ayu_19980408: Happy birthday ♡

Kll_: The 4th DEG Japan Blu-ray Awards. The Best Interactive Award goes to ayu’s 『FIVE』!
ayu_19980408: Wahh~! Thank you so much!!! I’m so happy~ (*^_^*)

oliverrthornton: how are you? Let me know if you’re back in London. Now I have my evenings free we can do that dinner? x
ayu_19980408: Sounds lovely♡Will let u know;)

ayu_19980408: You can’t have a better tomorrow if you don’t stop thinking about yesterday!!!!! Have sweet dreams everyone…..;)

ayu_19980408: Many things have happened, but we need to move forward. Even these days will end someday. As an artiste and creator, I need to understand this. So I’ll work hard!!! (Gun-chan’s tweet really gave me a dressing down, thank you, Gun-chan)