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New song!!
8 February 2012. 00:19:16

It’s a new day today, 8 Feb, and from today on 

New Single 「SAKURA, I love you?」 chaku-uta will be up for download  

To summarize this new song into a phrase…

“I should be happy, but why?…”

A kind “he” who is right beside one, and a wilful “you” who is not here anymore.

“He” and “you”

This is a song about a girl’s wavering feelings between the two.

And Jeff-san, who produced my 6th Single 「Kimi ni aitaku naru kara」
is the one who composed this song!!

We made it especially for those who loved “kimi~ai” 

For the jacket covers, we did 2 shots with different styles again 

One is in my usual style  the other one is me with different make-up, clothes and hairstyles 

You’ll be able to see them on the official website, so please check them out 

By the way, this was the make-up I had on for the shoot