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The me these days
6 February 2012. 21:02:32

The cold days continue, how has everyone been 

Recently, I’ve been spending my days addicted to creating songs  

For days on end, I stay holed up and home, writing lyrics, and when they’re done, I go recording. If it doesn’t work out well, I edit the lyrics and record again. Song after song was completed in this manner, and I’ve made several new songs in these days  

It’s still winter now, but I’ve finished songs for spring and summer, and I keep wondering if it’ll start getting warm soon~  

By the way, I took a long-awaited break from song production and went for dance rehearsals. It’s been a long time since I last saw the dancers, but we all wore matching outfits, just like a full dance unit 

Blue, pink, black and white stripes, grey 

We’re doing new things for dance too, in preparation for the next live 

Songs and dance, I look forward to the day when I can reveal them to everyone  

Sorry for not updating the blog and making everyone worried 
Whenever I concentrate on writing lyrics, I can’t make myself stop to do something else 
I try to give it my all  So thank you for always encouraging me with kind words 
Everyone will be busy at some time in their lives, either with study or work, but do take care of your health too