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53rd Shiny! Japan Record Awards
30 December 2011. 23:58:24

Everyone, thank you for all the congratulatory messages 

Thanks to everyone’s support this year, I was able to attend the award ceremony and receive the Excellent Work Award 

I’m really happy that my work, which took many long hours and is filled with my feelings, has received this prestigious award. I still feel the happiness of being able to get this award and share it with everyone.
To be able to sing and write songs is really because everyone has given me support of all kinds. Thank you all so much!!

And then, today’s costume is a gold one, perfect for 「Esperanza」, the piece which won the award 

I changed the parting of my hair too, and it looks more mature here 

And tomorrow is the much-awaited Kouhaku Utagassen 

I hope that my voice will reach out strong to everyone all over the country, and for that, I will sing with all my might!!

Everyone, please watch over me