nemunemubit2110: Congrats! A3D has been awarded the Creative Arts Award.
ayu_19980408: Thank you ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

akachan82: 1.5 hours after 「how beautiful you are」 went up, it’s No.1 on mu-mo’s real time ranking ( *`ω´) Timmy and ayu-chan’s wonderful song has reached everyone (๑´ڡ`๑)
ayu_19980408: ( T_T)\(^-^ )♡

risa_19980408: ayu-chan, thank you for this gentle song ♡
ayu_19980408: Thank you again for today ♡

timwellard: I just downloaded HBYA from iTunes… So proud! Xxx
ayu_19980408: Proud of U♡

smackyuki: Jacket cover of ayu’s new single. I really love the antique color scheme and composition ♥ And the length of the dress looks great too. Who was the one who thought up the concept?
ayu_19980408: Leslie and I just followed our instincts on the spot ♪

yoneaki1019: This road is too full of memories, I don’t want to walk down it. Whoa~~~… I feel like being sick… But I will get through it!!!!!
ayu_19980408: You can! You’re the big sis, so you can—!!!

XingHermina: lagi nyium wallpapernya ya? Ayumi nya sexy beud lagi XD
HasniCassieast: >_< kak
ayu_19980408: XOXO♡

UN1982: Purple!!!!!! I’ve turned anime.
ayu_19980408: We’re anime siblings now ♡

ayu_19980408: And so, we’re matching siblings again… For the ○○ time (←I forgot. laugh) Accepting applications for new matching sibling avatars— (=´∀`)人(´∀`=) Let’s go! ♪( ´θ`)ノ

ayu_19980408: That said, I need to take more photos of my anime self, cause everyone’s having a tough time with such limited shots. (laugh)

ayu_19980408: Booo, the casting of this PV now is so tough… But if we can accomplish it, it’ll be totally innovative. Oi-chan, please work hard!!!!!

mikajohn: Udon, udon, how to cook you?
ayu_19980408: I snorted. (laugh)

mikajohn: Boiled udon, because you are very hungry-
ayu_19980408: I tried singing it out loud. And it worked. Horrified that it did. (lol)

oi_chan_: Hiee~ Tried thinking of how not to go too far, but it’s too tough. The lines are too hard. Erasing them now and starting over.
ayu_19980408: You go girl~ the oi-chan way ☆