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ayu’s Super Popular New Nails!
2 February 2012.

A new style with heart decorations! The spotlight has been on Hamasaki Ayumi throughout this new year, ever since the divorce. Drama aside, Hamasaki is an artiste to watch out for this year. On 29/1, she revealed new nail designs on her official Twitter.

These nails have received much praise from both fans and the general Twitter population, with comments like “I want to try that” and “so cute”. It is a notable and innovative design.

The design was so popular that the nailist’s Twitter was flooded with enquiries as well. Bold white hearts were painted on the nail tips, all on a clear base, much like the royal French manicure. A thin silver border along the hearts’ edges adds a shine to the design.

A refreshing and impressionistic design that adds personality to the traditional French nails.

Hamasaki herself seems to be in love with the design. Nailist Miss Sakoda Aiko’s Twitter has also been flooded with enquiries on how to imitate the design, demonstrating the unexpectedly large impact of this design.